CyberCool Indoor

The powerful chiller for indoor installation

Free cooling function for maximum efficiency: STULZ CyberCool Indoor provides powerful, highly efficient chilled water cooling with a minimal footprint. The unit’s modern design and compact construction allows it to be installed inside the building easily, as well as integrated in existing systems.


CyberCool Indoor EC was developed for especially stringent project requirements.

CyberCool Indoor at a glance

  • Chiller for indoor installation

  • Available with and without EC compressor

  • Cooling capacity 20 - 100 kW

  • Three different systems

  • Integrated free cooling function for low total operating costs (GE/GES system)

  • Customized adaptations and special solutions for every application

Always the right choice: CyberCool Indoor with three cooling systems

In order to guarantee chilled water generation to suit requirements, CyberCool Indoor is available in two versions and three different systems. The systems allow for scalable planning and grow at the same pace as your future requirements.  


  • Air-cooled (A/AS)

    The compact standard solution

  • Water-cooled (G/GS)

    Quiet and easy to integrate

  • Water-cooled with integrated free cooling function (GE/GES)

    Maximum efficiency

Detailed information on the systems

  • Scope I: data center

  • Scope II: medical technology

  • Scope III: process- and industrial cooling applications

Benefits of the system

  • Redundancy means operational availability

  • Rapid adaptation to fluctuating loads

  • Maximum efficiency in partial load mode

  • Integrated compressor soft-start and continuous operation without compressor on/off cycles result in a very long life-time

CyberCool Indoor EC: the benchmark for operational reliability and efficiency

CyberCool Indoor EC

Further benefits

  • Quiet condensers or dry coolers minimize noise emission outdoors

  • No glycol in hygienically sensitive areas

  • Indirect free cooling means year-round energy efficiency

  • High chilled water temperatures of up to +18 °C (outlet) and +25 °C (inlet)

  • Dual power supply (optional) provides a high level of reliability

  • Customized solutions for every application

  • Simple to integrate in existing chilled water networks

  • Broad operating range (chilled water outlet between +4 °C and +18 °C)

  • Tobias Wolf, Product Manager

    "Chilling at up to 100 kW per unit with a minimal footprint – flexible and highly available."


Options and tailor-made solutions for the CyberCool Indoor


Smart solutions – all from a single source

Simple setup and integration

The compact CyberCool Indoor also fits through standard doors and can be set up anywhere without any problems. Spatial segregation of the two noise sources and the use of especially quiet condensers or dry coolers minimizes overall noise emissions. As all the important components are integrated in the CyberCool Indoor, its sensitive technology is perfectly safe inside the building. What is more, CyberCool Indoor is perfectly protected from vandalism or accidental damage.

Easy maintenance, reliable service

The CyberCool Indoor provides straightforward access from the front, making all the active components, such as compressors, expansion valves and pumps, easy to maintain. The large doors facilitates the access to the electrical cabinet at any time, along with all its electrical components.

Control and monitoring 

  • Project-specific software development and optimization
  • Compatible with all common BMS protocols
  • Runtime comparison and alarm switching ensure availability
  • Machine-independent parallel operation of several chillers
  • Sophisticated warning and alarm system

The STULZ Test Center - test-driving customer solutions

CyberCool Indoor units are subjected to a full computer- controlled check in the STULZ Test Center. Extensive measurements under a wide variety of conditions show the actual performance data of the systems and components, bringing transparency to the theoretical design data.

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  • STULZ CyberCool Indoor Brochure 1807 EN

    CyberCool Indoor
    Free cooling function for maximum efficiency - the powerful chiller for indoor installation

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    • Date: 2018-07-02


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