Options for CyberCool Indoor

The numerous different options and possible equipment enable you to perfectly adapt STULZ units to your requirements.

Option: Second power source for the greatest possible reliability

One of the key requirements for mission-critical and sensitive applications is uninterrupted cooling - in the event of a power outage, for example. To guarantee stable cooling capacity in spite of this, STULZ provides the option of an automatic transfer switch fitted directly in the switch gear cabinet. If the primary power supply fails, this is detected automatically and the system defaults to a second power source within a minimum of 180 ms.


Automatic Transfer Switch

  • Changeover to feeder circuit in case of power failure of the main network
  • Switchover only when stable frequency and power supply
  • Automatic return to (stable) main network

Double Pump

  • Additional chilled water pump for internal redundancy
  • Standard (2 bar) and high pressure (3 bar) version available
  • Normal-priming multistage pumps
  • All water-bearing parts are stainless steel Made in Germany

Water pipings

  • Water pipings lateral, at the back or above possible (standard: at the bottom)
  • Several pipe connections possible, e.g. Victaulic or flange (standard: screw connection)

Speed-controlled pump

  • Efficient partial load operation
  • Exact adjustment of discharge head and volumetric flow to the chilled water system
  • Normal-priming multistage pump with integrated frequency converter
  • Made in Germany

Closed cabinet

  • Lid for the enclosure
  • Noise insulating
  • Dust protected

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