Experience at the service of Data Centers

The new EcoAir3 models are designed for small or medium server rooms with a heat load of up to 35 kW.

Solutions for EcoAir

  • Data Center



  • extreme compactness and flexibility

  • maximum energy efficiency

  • accurate control of environmental parameters and business continuity

Air supply where necessary

EcoAir3 is available in 3 versions:
• Upflow (DXU, DIU, DWU);
• Downflow (DXD, DID, DWD);
• Displacement (DXF, DIF, DWF) with frontal and lateral
air supply, or frontal air supply with a grill with
adjustable fins.
For each of the three configurations our free cooling
module is available.

Energy Efficiency

The new electronic control STULZ regulates the EcoAir3 components (EC fans, electronic expansion valve and EC compressor, if present) and optimises the operating modes.

The average EER of direct expansion units with ON/OFF compressor is over 3.3. 

The efficiency of units with EC compressor is even greater at partial loads.

EC Compressor (optional)

EC compressors continuous monitoring guarantees:
• maximum efficiency at partial load; 
• higher precision in supply air temperature control, offering a quick response to variations in the heat load;
• integrated soft start to suppress locked rotor current;
• long service life thanks to the continuous operation, which reduces  the number of on/off cycles

Fans with high efficiency EC motors

• respond continuously to changing power requirements; 
• switch to in energy saving mode at partial loads;
• allow reduced energy 
consumption and offer low noise  level compared to the conventional fans;
• accept a wider range of  voltage supply;
• compliant to ErP2015 directive



  • Remote condenser electrical power supply;

  • EC fan;

  • Electronic thermostatic valve (EEV) (DX and DI units);

  • 2 or 3 ways water valve (DW units);

  • Hydrophilic treatment of the evaporator;

  • G4 air filter (according EN 779), with clogged filter alarm;

  • Filter monitoring;

  • electronic control with RS485 and TCP/IP interface;

  • Automatic restart after a failure of the supply voltage;

  • Contacts for various alarm signals for connection to a monitoring system;

  • Smoke-fire alarm, remote ON/OFF.


  • Direct Free cooling with mix mode;

  • Electrical heaters 1,5kW or 3kW or 4,5kW size 1 or 6kW (only for size 2);

  • Hot gas reheating (DX and DI units);

  • Hot water reheating (DW units);

  • Steam humidifier (not available for DI units);

  • Softstart for DX ON/OFF units;

  • Voltage/phase sequence monitoring for DX ON/OFF units;

  • Temperature/humidity/ floor water remote sensor;

  • Voltage/phase sequence monitoring for DX ON/OFF units;

  • M5 air filter (according EN 779);

  • Supply-air grille with adjustable fins (displacement units);

  • Frame for raised floor;

  • Distribution Plenum for upflow units.



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