STULZ Service Team

Our goal is to offer our customers systems designed to their needs, to help reduce the energy consumption and maximize the investment.
Our After Sales service guarantees to keep high the value and performance of each STULZ product, for its entire life cycle.

  • Advice and Planning

    STULZ Service Team is close to the customer at each stage, from the planning to the installation of the system, guaranteeing a continuous follow-up  for an optimal operation of the system. Our Planning Department is dedicated to the design and development of every kind of installation, so we can suit the most varied needs, helping the customers to choose the best solution.

  • Positioning and Installation

    The installation is a decisive phase and should be carried out in a professional and efficient way. Our goal is to guarantee the correct operation of the units and related system, and most of all their use at top level performance. Every turnkey supply provides the coordination of a Project Manager, who manages all phases, starting from the planning to the implementation.

  • Start-Up

    Our specialised technicians possess thorough knowledge of the entire realization process of units and systems, guaranteeing a perfect start-up of the installation, with customized solutions which fulfill the customers needs.

  • Maintenance and Assistance

    A proper preventive and ordinary maintenance plan assures a constant efficiency of the systems. Our Service Team can offer the most effective maintenance plan depending on the system and units type.

    We provide to our customers a qualified after sales service, able to offer quick diagnosis and quick resolutions.

    The expertise of our technicians allows to intervene quickly to restore the unit and the system to full operation.

    Our Service staff supports the customers with:

    • analysis for system recovery
    • analysis for reconditioning
    • system updating
    • supply of original spare parts
  • Availability

    Thanks to a team of 50 specialised technicians, located throughout the national territory, we are able to offer availability services in the following modes:

    • NBD (Next Business Day)
    • Availability 24/7, 365 days a year
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